Who am I?

7 years ago I started recording podcasts...
I did not think it would grow as it did...

Today they have been downloaded by millions...all for free
My desire to help those who need it set me out on recording hundreds of hours of audio to help those who needed it most...

Now this has become my life.

Podcasting cannot support me financially.

The investment of time and money in equipment, hosting, planning, recording and editing is a full time job in itself.

What I doing is economically...urm..not business minded.

I invest most of my earnings from my other work to keep it alive...

By supporting me here you are not only making my live actually balanced BUT you actually help most who need it, who cannot afford it, who want and desire change, and without the podcast feel lost, alone and unfixable.
If you value what I am doing and helping me help others, I would very much appreciate it beyond words.

If roughly 1-2% of our subscribers would do this, I could invest more time to you and everyone who needs help.
All I can promise to you is that I do the best and invest as much time and love into the free support.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it really is a huge deal for me and I very much appreciate it.


What I will do with your kind support:

- By supporting me on Patreon you give me the opportunity to do more for you and others and produce more help who vitally need it.

Podcasting is an expense for me, it is not even close to sustaining itself. So put simply, you make my live much easier and keep it alive, so I can do better and more work, for free, for you.

- I can invest more time in the audios and videos:

Thank you so much for all your support! I appreciate it more than you can imagine and it really helps millions a year!If you have received ANY value, gained insight, become more confident, reduced any of your issues or just loved the support Joseph gives you, then please Pay It Forward and support the show, to keep it going, to grow it and help those who need it most.
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