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Hidden Inside The Bestselling Book "Be Your Potential", You'll Discover...
My powerful and proven techniques, allowing you to make constant effective changes in your life and to take control in creating the results that you desire, causing you to get emotional freedom and success, that not only you desire, but you deserve!

  • How To Banish Negative Thoughts Once And For All.
  • My Secret Proven Method To Living In The Now, Unleashing Your Emotional Freedom.
  • Dissolve All Negative Emotions From Your Past.
  • Create Your Rock Solid Master Life Plan.
  • Tap Into The Power Of Your Unconscious - The Gate Way To Excellence.
  • Get Total Leverage Using The Power Of Focus To Exceed All Limitations.
It also has 2 hours of exclusive life transforming BONUS MP3 downloads, that means I can personally guide you to unleashing your potential.

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The Manifestation Collection - 5 Hypnosis Tracks 
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Track 1: The Positive Affirmations & Suggestions (Aprox 25 minutes)
Track 2: The Amazing Relationships Hypnosis (Aprox 20 minutes)
Track 3: The Perfect Health Hypnosis Session (Aprox 20 minutes)
Track 4: Financial Abundance Hypnosis Session (Aprox 20 minutes)
Track 5: General Wellbeing Manifestation Session (Aprox 20 minutes)
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Retail Price: $15.95, Limited Time Offer: FREE!*
*Just Pay Shipping & Handling

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