What If I Could Help You Take Back Control Of Your Life
Through Your Thoughts?
The Scientifically Backed Blueprint 
Designed To Systematically Dissolve Your Fear, Anxiety, And Self Doubt
What If I Could Help You Take Back Control Of Your Life
Through Your Thoughts?
The Scientifically
 Backed Blueprint 
Designed To Systematically Dissolve Your Fear, Anxiety, And Self Doubt
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From: Joseph Clough
San Diego
Dear Friend,

I was deeply depressed, full of anxiety and felt unworthy and not good enough. 

I was at rock bottom... 

It spread into my health, piling on the weight...my relationships sucked, I hated my job and I was in debt. 

It all boiled down to ONE thing...ME... 

My mindset was programmed for failure and I kept getting more for it, creating a never ending loop of helplessness. I felt incapable and unfixable. 

I began to spiral out of control until I had an epiphany... 

The sad truth is without the right support, and step-by-step strategy you will stay the same or worse...get worse.

I longed for connection with others, the step by step process to get me to the emotional freedom I craved.

Because of this...I went on a mission to create a program that gives you everything you need to change your life. BIG CLAIM, but it WORKS. 
We always have two choices
To remain the same or to finally make it happen. 
Mind Mastery Member Transformation - Real People..Real Change
I have the way to make it happen, all you need to do is make the most important and powerful decision to be a part of a movement of transformation.

An opportunity to feel belonged, supported and transformed.

If you like my podcasts or my YouTube videos, this will exceed all your love for them 1,000,0000 fold. 
I will personally coach you twice per month live. There has never been an opportunity like this to work with me at a fraction of the cost.

Joining me, the support team, your supporters within the group will mean that you will get all you in to finally be your potential and will cause you to experience more emotional freedom than ever before. That I promise! 
Mind Mastery Member Transformation - Brandon
Let Me Show You Everything You'll Receive When You Join MIND MASTERY Today!
Investing as little as 2 hours a week, you WILL transform your life. 
I will personally coach YOU
Two Monthly live coaching, hypnosis and Q&A calls with Joseph.
  • All change, transformation and results ONLY come from persistent momentum. It is vital to get not only the support but the monthly live support, motivation and expertise to get your results fast. 
  • Miss a call? No problem, all live calls will be conveniently placed in an exclusive area, so that you can replay and download at your convenience.
  • Worried about not getting your chance to ask a question? No worries, as the membership grows, I will continue to add more live Q&A's (with limited attendees), so you can have an opportunity to speak to me in person
Total Value: 
Joseph's Bestselling Mind Mastery Courses.
  • Complete Confidence Mastery
  • Freedom From Anxiety
  • Be Your Potential Video Series
  • Happiness Unleashed
Unlimited Access to my hypnosis session MP3 library. 
  • 186 Hypnosis Session (Day & Night Versions - 50% unavailable elsewhere, including the apps) Fully available on day 15 of membership.
  • All New Night Time Transformations Hypnosis Sessions (Value $59 each)
Total Value: 
Just like Netflix now you can pick and 
choose on demand, never be held back 
and always be supported whenever you need it.
Only Support: 
Private Member's Only Support Facebook Group
  • Feel BELONGED.
  • Be SUPPORTED in the members-only Facebook community guided by Joseph and his team.
  • You can BE HEARD, share your progress, post burning questions, and receive answers.
  • BONUS live videos within the group
  • Plus the members are the most epic supporters you will have!
YES Joseph!
I'm Ready To Join Mind Mastery Today For FREE!
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Why Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a limited offer, but even inside of that, there is REAL scarcity that you need to be aware of...

1st) I only have room for 500 members right now at this price. Yes, I can have more, but I want to give you all my energy, YOU are my main focus. 

2nd) This Digital Access Pass is Going Away SOON! Because I do NOT want everyone to have all of the back archives of all my hypnosis sessions, videos and courses, the Digital Access pass will be removed from this special offer VERY soon. If you don't lock in your membership NOW while this page is live... you'll NEVER be able to get back to this private members area.

3rd) This charter pricing (71% - 80% discount) AND the trial offer will not last forever. We will sell out memberships fast, and as soon as I hit my target number off 200, I will be raising the prices back to full price. It's simple supply and demand and it's happening here in real time. 

So NOW is the time to lock in your membership.
Is There A
Of course... :)

100% guarantee that you'll love Mind Mastery

If you feel the course doesn’t live up to its description, simply send us a copy of your completed homework within 30 days of registration (because the course only works if you do!) and we’ll refund your money!

Sound fair?
Here's What To Do Next...
From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below, pick what subscription plan you want to be on, and we can finally get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watching the training video and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Joseph Clough
Honest monetary value: Over $8000 Real total value: Life changing!
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If you feel it is not worth that, then this program is not for you. 

That is just being totally upfront and honest. 

Get coached by me in person twice per month at a fraction of my cost. Four coaching sessions with me are usually $6000 but Mind Mastery works out at $28 per call ($18 for yearly membership) per sessions.
Take a look inside!
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Canceling your membership shouldn’t be complicated or confusing! Simply contact our 24/7 support team at [email protected] to cancel your subscription.
Content release schedule for mind optimization:
Day 1: Complete Confidence Mastery Module 1 and Complete Success Mastery

Every 4 days: New Modules are released every four days, so that you get the most mind optimized experience - you absorb, you apply and then move onto the next module.

Day 1: The hypnosis library is made fully available to you.

Day 31: Night Time Transformations are fully availabe to you.

Day 41: Freedom From Anxiety course begins.

Day 72: Happiness Unleash course begins

Day 106: Accelerated Be Your Potential video course
* ANY CANCELLATION REQUESTS FOR  Mind Mastery MEMBERSHIP  will be effective immediately.
In the event that you decide your purchase was not the right decision, contact our support team at, show us you actually did the work by submitting ALL your homework. We will review it and attempt to help correct the issue. If we cannot help solve the issue, we’ll issue you a prompt FULL refund.

To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your request and completed homework before 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on the 30th day following your purchase. After you submit your materials, all refunds are discretionary*. 
We are unable to give refunds for partial months of membership remaining. You can sign up for a Mind Mastery Membership at any time, although you will not be eligible for another free trial if you have used one previously and you may have to pay a higher rate than you are right now.

Once canceled, you will no longer have access to the content within Mind Mastery, other than what you may have downloaded prior to cancelling. Annual membership renews every 12 months automatically. 
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